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New Orleans Benefiting at the Expense of the Other States?

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:01 pm    Post subject: New Orleans Benefiting at the Expense of the Other States? Reply with quote

New Orleans Benefiting at the Expense of the Other States?

Now that the second anniversary of Katrina has come and gone, one question continues to go undeservedly unanswered: “Is New Orleans and the State of Louisiana unconstitutionally benefiting at the expense of the other States?”

All moneys, now and over the past two years, being pumped into New Orleans must be cut off for this one reason, if for no other: “All moneys being sent to that place out of the public treasury is unconstitutional!”

There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that can be construed, or that can be construed so as to even remotely suggest, that the Congress has the power to bail out a city or a State that makes bad choices—be it financial, legislative or just bad judgment as to where to build and develop a city.

As for the levees, the Federal government is categorically prohibited by the Constitution from building any such structures within the jurisdiction of any States.

Keep in mind that our Federal government does not have broad discretionary powers. It was deliberately created and instituted to have only limited and enumerated powers; and, the only legitimate powers that it has are those that were constitutionally given up by We the People and our States.

To make this clearer, let’s look at the denied power to build canals! The Power to build canals was categorically denied because of its deliberate omission from the constitution, to wit, September 14, 1787, in convention:

    “Docr FRANKLIN moved to add after the words “post roads” Art I. Sect. 8. “a power to provide for cutting canals where deemed necessary”

    “Mr. WILSON 2ded the motion"

    “Mr. SHERMAN objected. The expense in such cases will fall on the U. States, and the benefit accrue to the places where the canals may be cut."

    “Col: MASON was for limiting the power to the single case of Canals.”

    “The motion being so modified as to admit a distinct question specifying & limited to the case of canals,
    “N. H. no. Mas. no. Ct no. N. J. no. Pa ay. Del. no. Md no. Va ay. N. C. no. S. C no. Geo. ay.
What is unquestionably being said here is that such a power would not be for the General welfare of the Union—but for the individual welfare of only those States and territories in the vicinity of the canal. Therefore such a power is inappropriate! This also provides clarity as to the “true” meaning and proper construction of the words “General welfare” in the Constitution (of which there are more examples throughout the convention.) Therefore, the proposed power was overwhelmingly negatived and lost (with eight States against and only three States in favor,) and so does not appear as an enumerated power in the constitution.

So, then, where is it in the Constitution that the Congress was given the power to build levees? As with the power to cut canals, you will discover that it is nowhere to be found; nor, can any such legitimate power be construed or suggested from any of the enumerated powers given up by the People and the States to Congress. And, since no such power was given up to Congress, that power must, then, still reside wholly in, and with, the States.

We the People of the other several States should be outraged; not only because the Congress is acting in such a blatantly unconstitutional manner—usurping powers never given up and still reserved to the States—but, also because these usurped powers are being used for purely selfish reasons at our expense; by factions exploiting these unconstitutional measures, for the want of only political advantages and gains, promoting and flaunting such measures as though that which is being perpetuated by them, and paid for out of the pockets of all the People, is somehow a legitimate and proper object of the Federal government, which it is plainly not!

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