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Problems Installing/Downloading Documents Illustrative V1.0c

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PostPosted: Sat May 02, 2009 12:57 pm    Post subject: Problems Installing/Downloading Documents Illustrative V1.0c Reply with quote

Problems Installing/Downloading Documents Illustrative V1.0c

If you are having problems installing or downloading Documents Illustrative V1.0c, try following this checklist first. It details the exact sequence of events and what to check during the download and installation process.

  1. Verify that you are installing the product into a Windows operating system environment. The product has been installed and successfully runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

    Note: If you have an Intel-chip Mac machine and have any of the above versions of Microsoft Windows installed as a second operating system, you can install and run Documents Illustrative on the Windows system. Currently, there is no OS MAC version available.

  2. Is there any virus or pop-up blocking software running? If there is, try turning all such applications off before proceeding with the following steps.

  3. After your purchase, you should have received an email containing download instructions and your product registration key.

  4. Click the download link in the DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS section of the abovementioned email. There should be two links, a primary and secondary link. If one does not work, try the other.

  5. Save the installation file to your computer by clicking the Save button. Do not click the Run or Open button. Clicking the Save button will also provide you with a backup of the product installation file so that you can re-install it on your machine if you need to.

    Note: If you are unable to download the installation file from either of the two links mentioned in item #4, verify that you have no firewall software running that may be interfering with the download.

  6. The name under which the installation file is saved should be “DocumentsIllustrative.exe”.

    Note: If you are using a browser that automatically saves download files to a temporary folder, look in that folder. If you do not know where that folder is, scan your system for the file “DocumentsIllustrative.exe”.

  7. Check the size of the downloaded installation file. The size should be 13.804 MB.

  8. Start the installation by double-clicking the downloaded install file. You should get a small dialog box asking, “Do you wish to install Documents Illustrative V1.0c now?” There should be two buttons: Yes and No. Click the Yes button.

  9. You should then get a dialog box saying,

      ”Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Documents Illustrative V1.0c”

      ”The InstallShield Wizard(TM) will help install Documents Illustrative V1.0c on your computer. To continue, click Next.”

  10. Click NEXT, and you should get the First License Agreement dialog box. Select “I accept,...” and then click NEXT.

  11. A dialog box should pop-up that says (at the top inside the box), ”Extracting Files”, and just beneath that, the phrase, ”The contents of this package are being extracted” should display.

    Note: If this step (or any following step) fails and the installation process seems to simply stop running, make sure you have no virus or pop-up blocking software running.

  12. When the extraction is complete, the above ”Extracting Files” dialog should go away and a splash screen should display along with a smaller dialog.

  13. The splash screen should be an illustration of a country road winding into the distance showing the name and version of the product.

  14. The smaller dialog should have the word ”Setup” in its title with a progress bar.

  15. After the progress bar hits 100%, both the splash and progress dialog should go away.

  16. At this point, there should be a long delay before a ”Welcome” dialog displays. Please be patient. This is a characteristic of Install Shield — a third-party product that was used to package the Documents Illustrative product.

  17. After a minute or so (more or less depending on the speed of your machine), the ”Welcome” dialog box should display to setup and install Documents Illustrative V1.0c. There should be two buttons: Next and Cancel.

  18. Click the Next button on the ”Welcome”dialog.

  19. The Second License agreement will display.

  20. Click YES.

  21. An ”Enter Registration Information” dialog will display.

  22. Enter your Name and Company Name.

    Important: Both Name and Company Name must be filled in. If you are not a company, enter a fictitious name or just x’s.

  23. Finally, enter the Serial (registration key) that you received with your e-mail (mentioned above in item #3). The registration key begins with the characters: “DI10C-....”

    Important: Enter your registration key in the Serial box EXACTLY AS SHOWN, including the hyphen and NO spaces — making sure not to mix up letter O’s with numeric zeros (0’s). Cutting and pasting the key should work, but if that does not work, then try entering it manually. The registration key is all upper-case (CAPS).

  24. After entering Name, a value for Company Name and your registration key, click NEXT.

  25. The ”Choose Destination Location” dialog box should display. If the destination for the installation is OK, click NEXT.

  26. The ”Setup Type” dialog should display, with the ”Typical” radio button already clicked. Click NEXT.

  27. The ”Select Program Folder” dialog should display. Click NEXT, and the product should start installing.

  28. After successfully installing, the ”Setup Complete” dialog should display.

  29. Click FINISH.

If you are still having problems, please be specific in describing the nature of the problem you are experiencing using the above steps; and, please provide the following informaiton:

  • Indicate at which step you are having a problem.
  • Describe what is, or is not, happening.
  • The operating system you are using.

To contact us, go to:

This document last updated 26, January, 2011.
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